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This is the initial development release. It contains much of the core functionality of the browser (like the Binary WML decoder), but is missing much of the GUI. To install do the standard ./configure; make; make install routine. You must have the wapstack library installed to compile and run the wml-browser.

It can browse WAP sites on the net in connection-less mode, using a WAP gateway (see http://www.wapforum.org/ for more information about WAP). It decodes Binary WML from the network and can view plaintext WML files on your local filesystem. A WMLScript interpreter is also in development.

The major lacking component is the GUI. The rendering of the text uses a straight GtkText widget so nothing fancy yet, not even links :(. Any recommendations on a good text widget would be most appreciated. No menus or functional buttons to be found yet.

To use it, pass the gateway's ip (yes, for the moment it must be an ip, not a hostname) as the only parameter when launching the browser. Then type the URL of the wml page you would like to view, and press return.

Any bugs, issues or feature requests should be sent to bugs@wmlbrowser.org.