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Boris Kuschel

In my 10 years of IT experience I have implemented products and solutions for large firms such as Ercsson, Telia, Rational Software Corporation, Mettler Toledo and the Finish Defense Department. I have an in-depth knowledge of Object-Oriented software design and architecture as well as implementing effective software processes to deliver software on time. Apart from all that I enjoy going river rafting, mountain climbing and chilling out with my buddies.
Martin Dumas

I am from Quebec city and studied Accounting, Computer Science, Mathematics and Economics. Previously I worked in many management positions for various startups and accomplished tasks such as business administration, communication, sales, marketing, recruiting, software development, you name it.

I remember 5 years ago, the internet was mostly unknown and I was one of the people seeing the future. In fact, I started to work for a startup and sold an e-commerce web site solution to sell books with a cart and online payment. The client understood the value and wanted to be part of it. Today, many people still have doubts about Linux OS in the telecommunication market but once again it is just a matter of time to see the real value comming out. Besides my "good sense of humour", I enjoy to visit new places and spend time with my family and friends.

Bernard "Yappy" Bolduc

"God, root, what is difference?" --Pitr, userfriendly.

I'm the system / network administrator here at 5NINE. You have a problem, I have the solution! Overall, I'm probably more responsible for the bugs in our network. I like to hack on hardware and develop new solutions. I began hacking linux in the beginning of kernel 1.2.4 with the slackware distribution. Aside from computer science, I like rock climbing, montain biking, I enjoy having a beer and having fun with my friends. Now, I couldn't ask for more, I get paid to do what I like.

Wonder why I'm called "Yappy"? It's because they say I talk too much in meetings... Btw, I have a master degree at ball throwing! ;)

Olivier Bonenfant

My name is Olivier Bonenfant I live in Beaconfield, a suburb of Montreal. I am 20 and I have a college degree in Computer Science. I've been at 5nine for 8 months, now combined with part time Electrical Engineering at the ETS. I've been coding in C for 3 years mostly as part of my computer science classes (and on my own time) and at the beginning of this year I started coding with C++. I've started using Linux over a year ago after a quick transission through Windows (argh!) from the Mac.

Aside from computers and school, I have a private pilot licence and I am gradually working on my commercial. I mostly fly on the single-engine C-152, C-172 and DA20-C1 Katana. I've also worked for 4 years as a lifeguard and swimming instructor with the infamous Eric Dorland at the Poite-Claire Olympic Center.

I like to joke around and I am rather lazy. It takes a lot to make me shut up ;-)

Eric Dorland

Eric Dorland was born November 1st, 1979. He is a student at McGill University, pursuing his undergraduate degree in Computer Science. He began his programming career at the age of twelve, on a Mac LC with HyperCard. His interest in Linux started in January of 1999 (just slightly ahead of the boom). He has made contributions to imlib2 and feh, and written various CGI Perl scripts. His unhealthy obsession with JenniCam is scaring his coworkers.
Benoit B.

I was born in 1974 in France, and have just married. I have done my studies in Computer Sciences last year. I now live in Montreal since of last November. I like fencing, kayaking, biking and travelling. I dislike TV and French politic guys.
Julia Poukhov, "the Webmistress"

I am originally from Russia but have been living in Canada most of my life. I take care of the website at wmlbrowser.org doing graphics, HTML etc., so if you have any questions regarding the website you know who to contact. I always use Gimp to do the graphics for the sites I make ... I am a Gimp addict! When I am not glued to the computer screen all day I usually spend a weekend camping or I paint (I have been painting since I was a little kid and that's how I developed my interest in computer graphics).
Marcos Magalhaes